Durana Clover – Coated

Developed by renowned University of Georgia plant breeder Dr. Joe Bouton, Durana perennial white clover is the premier clover on the market for whitetail deer management. It was selected specifically to persist under grazing pressure, tolerate acidic soils, compete with weeds and grasses and to grow in low management situations – all of which are often seen in wildlife food plots. Durana is highly preferred by deer, turkey and other wildlife. With its profuse blooming trait, Durana is also an excellent pollinator plant for honeybees. In university trials, Durana has proven to persist 3 times longer than conventional ladino clover types. With protein levels of 25% and digestibility of 75% or more, Durana helps maximize body and antler growth of bucks and optimize milk production for nursing does. As a legume, it annually captures up to 150 lbs./acre nitrogen reducing the need for commercial nitrogen purchases while building organic matter and improving soil tilth. It can be planted alone or used in mixtures with other winter annual small grains.