Gulf Annual Ryegrass

There are nearly 3 million acres of Annual & Gulf Annual Ryegrass planted each year in the United States, with about 90 percent used for winter pasture in the Southeast. About 80 percent of this ryegrass pasture is established by overseeding into warm season perennial grasses to extend the grazing season. Annual Ryegrass is also grown for silage and hay on poorly drained soils where small grains are not adapted.

Rye Grass is also used for roadside stabilization, as a cover crop for reducing soil erosion and as a green manure crop to provide organic matter for improved soil structure. Rye grass is a very eco-friendly grass as it gives nutrients back to the soil and eliminates the need for chemicals to control nematodes. Interestingly, Annual Ryegrass is also used for fish feed in China. Grass-eating species of carp are fed hand-harvested Annual Ryegrass.