Quick & Big Crabgrass

Quick-N-Big’ is a new variety (2006) of forage crabgrass. It is as widely adapted, or more widely adapted, as is the ‘Red River’ crabgrass variety. In general, compared to Red River Crabgrass, Quick-N-Big crabgrass germinates quicker and more complete, and after about two weeks of seedling growth, it continues growth at a faster rate. Quick-N- Big crabgrass gets to first proper grazing or haying stage about two weeks sooner that Red River Crabgrass. In research plot studies, Quick-N-Big averaged 111 % greater total forage yields. However, it was much more productive at first grazing stage than Red River crabgrass. Quick-N-Big leaf width, leaf length , stem , and overall stature of plant is considerably larger than Red River crabgrass.